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08 Oct 39 Easy To Make Finger Foods

39 finger foods
We know it can be quite difficult to get around to making appetizers and finger foods for parties. There's plenty to worry about like decorations, main courses, etc. So where do you fit in the pre-gaming food fun? Not to worry, we're here to help! Just in time for summer, too. We're servin' up 39 easy finger food recipes for you to follow, improvise or just become inspired by. And they're absolutely scrumptious even for everyday snacks. With a little help from this post your pre-party finger food game will have family and friends yearning for more and maybe even forgetting about the main course, unless you decide to have an endless finger food night -- then it's really a party!  

39 Easy Finger Foods | Recipes and Ideas for Your Party

Allow your tastebuds to be wow-ed, ladies and gents, because we've got one heck-of-a finger food list that will make your eyes widen and your mouth water to the nth degree. Are you ready for this? We dare you to look!  

1. Cheese Stuffed Peppers

If you love snacks with a whole lot of flavor then you will definitely love these cheese stuffed peppers. With the fresh Italian  ricotta cheese at the center of the peppers, the mild flavor with the roasted pepper texture will woo your culinary desire.  What a spicy and colorful finger food!  DIY-Finger-Foods-Cheese-stuffed-peppers-1 DIY-Finger-Foods-Cheese-stuffed-peppers-2 (via Give Recipe, click here for full tutorial)  

2. Crab Rangoon

Get ready for this American-Chinese finger food to make your guests go wild! These deep fried dumpling appetizers are great bite-sized treats for anyone who's a big fan of all things crab and all things fried. Go figure, but you get the picture. DIY-Finger-Foods-Crab-Rangoon-1DIY-Finger-Foods-Crab-Rangoon-2 DIY-Finger-Foods-Crab-Rangoon-3 (via Gluten Free, click here for full tutorial)

3. Prosciutto Caprese Parcels

If you're into uncooked, dry-cured ham than this is the finger food of your dreams. What with the olives, basil, sun dried tomatoes and mozarella nothing can feel more right in the world -- especially with a ten-minute prep time!  DIY-Finger-Foods-prosciutto-caprese-parcelsDIY-Finger-Foods-prosciutto-caprese-parcels-2 (via Vikalinka, click here for full tutorial)

4. Deviled Eggs

And what exactly would a food finger party post be without the deviled eggs recipe? It's an absolute classic and usually a must! Check out this delicious recipe, which includes a personal favorite combination of chives, paprika and horseradish! DIY-Finger-Foods-deviled-eggs-2 DIY-Finger-Foods-deviled-eggs-1 (via First Cook then Look, click here for full tutorial)

5. Spinach Balls

The size and shape are ideal for party food, snacks and portion control. What more could you want? These treats are truly unique treat, when made correctly the finished product yields in a creamy texture inside and a soft crunchy texture outside.  Aside from appetizers they make for great sides, and don't forget the sour cream! If you're into that sort of thing. DIY-Finger-Foods-Spinach-balls-1 (via Natural Sugar, click here for full tutorial)

6. Peaches with Ricotta

With peach season rolling around it's worth it to start thinking about how to include these sweet, juicy fruits in our cuisine! Luckily, here's a great recipe for grilled peaches with ricotta cheese and cinnamon sprinkled on top, can you say divine? DIY-Finger-Foods-Baked-Peaches-Ricotta2 (via Easy Snacks to Make, click here for full tutorial)

7. Pan con Tomate

Pan con tomate is usually served as a breakfast dish, however if during the summer you tend to shy away from the kitchen, or opt for minimal cooking, then this then recipe will is right for you. Oh, he beauty of a breakfast / appetizer! DIY-Finger-Foods-Pan-Con-Tomate-3 DIY-Finger-Foods-Pan-Con-Tomate-2 DIY-Finger-Foods-Pan-Con-Tomate-1 (via Chef in You, click here for full tutorial)

8. Falafel Finger Food

Make a chickpea mixture and have it be the shape you want it to be! This recipe calls for dipping sticks but don't let that be a constraint by any means. Have this Middle Eastern treat be a hit at your next get together. DIY-Finger-Foods-Falafel-Finger-Food-1 (via hellobee, click here for full tutorial)

9. Spinach Potato Nest Bites

This veggie delite calls for the crispiest and and best of yukon potatoes. It's best your eat this fresh out of the in order that the taste be as vigorous as possible. This finger food recipe will surely keep party goers coming back for more. (via Tori Avey, click here for full tutorial) DIY-Finger-Foods-Spinach-Potato-Nest-1 (via May I have That Recipe, click here for full tutorial)

10. Stuffed Figs with Goat Cheese

Figs are basically among the best fruits, at least in my book. They've been around for centuries, what kind of leaves do you think Eve and Adam used to cover themselves up? Yup, those were fig leaves. So let's pay homage to these trusty tasty treats by filling them with goat cheese! I can't think of a better combination. DIY-Finger-Foods-Stuffed-Figs-Goat-Cheese-1 DIY-Finger-Foods-Stuffed-Figs-Goat-Cheese-2 DIY-Finger-Foods-Stuffed-Figs-Goat-Cheese-3 (via Tori Avey, click here for full tutorial)

11. Smoked Salmon Cucumber Rolls

Can you say refreshing? Because that's what these crisp smoked salmon cucumber rolls are! They prove to be a brilliant summer finger food time and time again. Not to mention, they are so nutritious! The ingredients are so clean and healthy, what's not to love? DIY-Finger-Foods-Smoked-Salmon-Cucumber-Rolls-1 DIY-Finger-Foods-Smoked-Salmon-Cucumber-Rolls-3 DIY-Finger-Foods-Smoked-Salmon-Cucumber-Rolls-2  (via Cara's Cravings, click here for full tutorial)

12. Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

Once again, another prociutto recipe, but this time it's engulfing an asparagus! Am I the only one excited about this? Just stop by your local deli to get the freshest prosciutto as possible and make sure to pop these in the over shortly before your guests arrive! DIY-Finger-Foods-Prosciutto-Asparagus-1 DIY-Finger-Foods-Prosciutto-Asparagus-2 DIY-Finger-Foods-Prosciutto-Asparagus-3 (via Eat Drink Paleo, click here for full tutorial)  

13. Savory Italian Appetizer

DIY-Finger-Foods-italian-appetizer-1 (via Foodista, click here for full tutorial)  

14. Artichokes with Prosciutto, Feta and Mint

Obviously we don't get tired of prosciutto and feta around here. But this is a different way you can prepare it! DIY-Finger-Foods-Prosciutto-feta-mint (via Taste, click here for full tutorial)  

15. Eggplant Sandwhiches

If you have gluten free friends, or are gluten free yourself, this is a cool appetizer that never fails to burst out in flavor. They're also low in calories, which is also a plus, and call for fresh herbs. How healthily scrumptious! DIY-Finger-Foods-Eggplant-Sandwiches-1 DIY-Finger-Foods-Eggplant-Sandwiches-2 DIY-Finger-Foods-Eggplant-Sandwiches-3 (via Mom's Dish, click here for full tutorial)  

16. Spinach Artichoke Dip Stuffed Mushrooms

This delicious recipe will definitely be a crowd pleaser! It could potentially be a vegan recipe, too. All you need to do is replace the mayonnaise or simply exempt it from the recipe. The tanginess of the artichoke,  and the versatility of the spinach along with vegan sour cream and vegan cream cheese actually makes for a pretty nutritious appetizer. DIY-Finger-Foods-Spinach-Artichoke-Mushrooms (via Snixy Kitchen, click here for full tutorial)  

17. Feta Salad Shooters

If you're into layers of crunchy cucumber, creamy and tangy crumbled feta cheese, and fresh tomato tossed with a little vinaigrette and basil you absolutely must try out this artful salad! How clever is this to add this medley of ingredients all in one shooter? So amazing! DIY-Finger-Foods-Feta-Salad-Shooters-1 DIY-Finger-Foods-Feta-Salad-Shooters-3 DIY-Finger-Foods-Feta-Salad-Shooters-2 (via Foxes Love Lemons, click here for full tutorial)  

18. Roasted Tomato Stuffed Peppers

I feel like my mother would always prepare these at family gatherings as party food. These bell peppers are so simple to eat! They truly are a great finger food for any party. Filled with tomatoes, garlic and basil, there's many textures to detect on the palete -- and every flavor is so complimentary to one another, as well. DIY-Finger-Foods-roasted-peppers-1 DIY-Finger-Foods-roasted-peppers-2 DIY-Finger-Foods-roasted-peppers-3 (via Inspired Taste, click here for full tutorial)  

19. Arepa Chips with Chorizo and Queso Fresco

If you haven't tried Colombian food yet, then maybe now's the time to try. An arepa is a flatbread made of ground maize or cooked flour. Think of what a tortilla is to Mexican cuisine. So when you have the arepa as a base with 1ueso fresco and chorizo on top, you're bound for a classic combination. The spiciness of the chorizo merges well with the creaminess of the queso fresco --  how tantalizing! DIY-Finger-Foods-Arepita-con-Quesito-2 DIY-Finger-Foods-Arepita-con-Quesito-1 (via My Colombian Recipes, click here for full tutorial)  

20. Watermelon and Cheese Napoleon with Balsamic Glaze

There's nothing like fresh watermelon to cool you down on a scroching hot day. Well, have you ever considered kicking the watermelon snack up a notch and adding cheese and balsamic dressing to it? It's a great people pleaser and tastes unforgettable! DIY-Finger-Foods-Watermelon-Basil-11 DIY-Finger-Foods-Watermelon-Basil-2 (via May I have that Recipe, click here for full tutorial)  

21. Spring Herb Quinoa Patties

If you are into tending an herb garden with either mint or parsely this will be a good way to put those babies to use and mix them up in these scrumptious quinoa patties. Use both herbs and green onion tossed with quinoa and shavings of flavorful cheese. They should be crispy on the outside and packed with flavor for an exquisite party food. DIY-Finger-Foods-Quinoa-Patties-2 (via Two Tarts, click here for full tutorial)

22. Patacones

It's good to change up the regular routine of party snacks and seek out different cuisines for inspiration. In this case, we've decided to inspire you with patacones, fried plantain slices popular in many Latin American countries. The basic topping for patacones in Colombia is hogao, a tomato creole sauce. Definitely something to try at your next party! DIY-Finger-Foods-Shredded-Chicken-and-Avocado-1 (via Parade, click here for full tutorial)  

23. Dolmades

You're going to love this stuffed vegetable recipe that is so common in the Middle East. Chances that you've tried a dolma before are pretty high, chances that you've that many of you have made a dolma may be a little slim. But here's your chance to make a great finger food with dill, mint, lemon and grape! DIY-Finger-Foods-Dolmas-2 DIY-Finger-Foods-Dolmas-1 (via Seemingly Greek, click here for full tutorial)  

24. Zucchini Rolls with Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon

Chives, cheese, smoked salmon, zucchini, what more could a pallate possibly want? These are conceptually like sushi, with the exception of the sticky rice and seaweed, but they make for a cute and colorful party food! DIY-Finger-Foods-Zucchini-cream-cheese-salmon (via Around the World, click here for full tutorial)  

25. Marinated Roasted Red Pepper Appetizer

Oh my, what a medley of beautiful warm colors and sweet and spicy flavors. If we're anything alike, we try to add roasted peppers in as many meals as possible, that's why this recipe is one of my faves! And along with the sweetness of the garlic -- phew! So heavenly. DIY-Finger-Foods-How-to-make-Marinated-Pepper-1 DIY-Finger-Foods-How-to-make-Marinated-Pepper-2 DIY-Finger-Foods-How-to-make-Marinated-Pepper-3 (via Two Forks One Love, click here for full tutorial)  

26. Polenta

Polenta is an italian cornbread with onion and rapini. It's a truly multifaceted dish! You can eat polents in a bowl with carmelized onions, or add tomato sauce on top to make it a lasagna. But this finger food version of polenta is sliced into square-size pieces with a slice of mozarella on tope! DIY-Finger-Foods-Polenta-1 DIY-Finger-Foods-Polenta-2DIY-Finger-Foods-Polenta-3 (via Christina's Cucina, click here for full tutorial)  

27. Fried Stuffed Olives

Honestly guys, is there anything like Spanish pitted olives paired with goat cheese? This recipe calls for remoulade sauce, which calls for creole seasoning, mayo, pickle juice, horseradish, paprika, tabasco, garlic and mustard and makes me absolutely weak in the knees! DIY-Finger-Foods-fried-stuffed-olives-1 DIY-Finger-Foods-fried-stuffed-olives-2 DIY-Finger-Foods-fried-stuffed-olives-3 (via Use Real Butter, click here for full tutorial)  

28. Purple Potatoes with Blue Cheese

Purple potatoes have been around for over 8000 years and they first flousrished in the Andean regions of Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. They are super nutritious and have anthocyanin, an immune system booster, and they may prevent certain cancers. When this power-vegetable is combined with richness of blue cheese, there's nothing to do but love love love and eat eat eat. blue cheese purple potatoes purple potatoes 2 IMG_6941 (via Spinach Tiger, click here for full tutorial)  

29. Avocado Bruschetta with Balsamic Reduction

Creamy, ripe avocado with tangy, juicy tomatoes, what a perfect party snack! And this balsamic reduction -- so smooth and complimentary to this version of bruschetta! What a beautiful combination. DIY-Finger-Foods-Avocado-Bruschetta-1 DIY-Finger-Foods-Avocado-Bruschetta-2 (via Damn Delicious, click here for full tutorial)  

30. Sweet Heat Molasses Meatballs

This recipe was inspired by a Top Chef episode that began with a horrifying cow challenge. And we're talking fresh meat here. So let's just be happy that we get to see the pretty pictures that came to fruition from a wacky source of inspiration. DIY-Finger-Foods-Meatballs-1 DIY-Finger-Foods-Meatballs-2 DIY-Finger-Foods-Meatballs-3 (1) (via Oh, Bite It!, click here for full tutorial)  

31. BBQ Bacon-Wrapped Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts can be the most adorabe vegetables. When cooked at the right temperature they can yield in the crispiest and freshest of textures while managing to remain tender on the inside. Now picture these cuties engulfed in bacon! What decadence. DIY-Finger-Foods-Bacon-Brussel-Sprouts-1 DIY-Finger-Foods-Bacon-Brussel-Sprouts-2 (via The Savvy Kitchen, click here for full tutorial)  

32. Cachapas

The traditional Venezuelan cachapa can make for an exceptional finger food as they are savory and mildy sweet from the corn. Though they are traditionally eaten with fried pork, or chicharrón, this recipe is totally vegetarian friendly! And the texture will just make you melt! It's so soft and smooth, very similar to a pancake! DIY-Finger-Foods-Chachapas-1 DIY-Finger-Foods-Chachapas-2 DIY-Finger-Foods-Chachapas-3 (via Spoon Fork Bacon, click here for full tutorial)  

33. Arancini

These Sicilian fried rice balls are sure to make you preserve any risotto left overs you'll ever have! The fried part may not make them among the healthiest of party foods, but hey, it's good to indulge every now and then! SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC (via The Kitchen Chaotic, click here for full tutorial)  

34. Mini Tomato and Mozzarella Tarts

We know there's been some mozzarella and perhaps even more tomato on this list thus far, but come on, these mini tomato and mozzarella tarts are so glorious! DIY-Finger-Foods-Tomato-Tarts-1DIY-Finger-Foods-Tomato-Tarts-2DIY-Finger-Foods-Tomato-Tarts-3 (via Life in the Lofthouse, click here for full tutorial)  

35. Ricotta Crostini Party

What wonderful color and life that lies on these mini crostini bites! from cherry tomatoes to salmon, to mint and basil and more, these ricotta crostini party snacks are going to be out-of-this world at your next shin dig! DIY-Finger-Foods-Crostini-1 DIY-Finger-Foods-Crostini-3 DIY-Finger-Foods-Crostini-2 (via Honestly Yum, cilck here for full tutorial)  

36. Buffalo Chicken Cups

Buffalo wings are excellent and present a smorgasbord of flavor to the table! Now think in terms of buffalo chicken cups -- paired with chives and wonton wrappers you won't need much else at a party, these sinful cups are sure to be mega crowd pleasers! DIY-Finger-Foods-Buffalo-Chicken-Cups-1 DIY-Finger-Foods-Buffalo-Chicken-Cups-2 DIY-Finger-Foods-Buffalo-Chicken-Cups-3 (via Damn Delicious, click here for full tutorial)  

37. Chicken Pot Pie Bites

What's more home-y and soothing than a lil' chicken pot pie? Beats me! These chicken pot pie bites make for especially savory, warm and comforting finger foods at any kind of party. Pastry shells filled with savory sauce? Yes, please! DIY-Finger-Foods-Chicken-Pot-Pies-1 DIY-Finger-Foods-Chicken-Pot-Pies-2 DIY-Finger-Foods-Chicken-Pot-Pies-3 (via Chow, click here for full tutorial)  

38. Vietnamese Spring Rolls

If you have picky eater kiddos going to your next party, then these vietnamese spring rolls will lure them in to eat healthy veggies and fish! This recipe in particular calls for crab sticks, mint and basil -- what an assortment of freshnes! DIY-Finger-Foods-Spring-Rolls-1 DIY-Finger-Foods-Spring-Rolls-3 (via Cherry on a Cake, click here for full tutorial)  

39. Cilantro Lime Chicken Wings

The best way to keep chicken wings at their most juicy and succulent state is to keep them in tact. And that's precisely what you should do with these babies. These cilantro lime chicken wings are to be marinated in yogurt and pickle juice! Sounds a tad far-fetched, eh? Not to worry, follow the recipe and your results will be absolutely perfect! DIY-Finger-Foods-Cilantro-Chicken-Wings-1 DIY-Finger-Foods-Cilantro-Chicken-Wings-2 DIY-Finger-Foods-Cilantro-Chicken-Wings-3 (via Spoon Fork Bacon, click here for full tutorial)   Is your mouth watering and are your tastebuds tantalized yet? I know I'm pretty hungry after this post. So how about you start thinking up your next gathering or party where you can make one or several of these finger food recipes among the main attractions? Better yet, make your finger foods the main attraction! You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain by becoming inspired by these exquisite images and recipes. So go ahead, be bold and make these party foods as enticing as possible!   That's it for our finger foods list, folks! Do you have a finger food recipe that you'd like to share with us? Leave the link in the comments section below and we'll add it to our roundup! Don't forget to sign up to our newsletter to get all the latest updates on craft projects in the making! Like us on Facebook (button below) to get fun craft projects in your feed! Pin your favorite projects to Pinterest to share with friends.

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